Connect google fonts

I am trying to add fonts to my application following this instruction:

if I try to add another font then the application gives the following error:

Hey @george_kulishavili, what exactly is the error? The screenshot shows the offending code but no error message.

actually i try connect 2 google fonts but i can’t. With 1 font all is good. What’s wrong with code ?


It would help if you could create a Snack that shows the problem and post the link here.

I get next error:
Parsing error: Identifier ‘useFonts’ has already been declared
Code: honest macaroni and cheese - Snack


I’m not sure why they decided to copy useFonts into each of the fonts, but it’s also available in the expo-font package.

All the copies of useFonts are the same, so you could just import it from the first font and use it for both of them. Or you could rename it using useFonts as usePoppinsFonts and use that hook to load the Poppins fonts. But I think it’s simpler and clearer if you import useFonts from expo-font instead.

Also, you’re loading the font families separately, but you may as well load them all at once. Then you won’t run into problems with two fontsLoaded variables.

See the following snack that I based on yours:

Thank you!

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