AppLoading doesn't work

Having problems with AppLoading. The documentation says it’s deprecated.

My code no longer works:

import React from "react";
import AppLoading from "expo-app-loading";
import { useFonts } from "expo-font";

import AppNavigation from "./src/navigation/AppNavigation";

export default function App() {
    let [fontsLoaded] = useFonts({
        Mulish_400Regular: require("./src/assets/fonts/Mulish-Regular.ttf"),
        Mulish_600SemiBold: require("./src/assets/fonts/Mulish-SemiBold.ttf"),
        Mulish_700Bold: require("./src/assets/fonts/Mulish-Bold.ttf"),

    if (!fontsLoaded) {
        return <AppLoading />;
    } else {
        return <AppNavigation />;

Expo SDK 45.0.0

I need to connect and load fonts and only after that display the screen.
I found another way but I couldn’t connect the fonts:

If there is a working code with connected fonts, I will be grateful.

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