CloudFlare blocking EAS Update

I am working on implementing the EAS Update workflow. Everything works as I would expect, initially, my minor edits show up on the ad-hoc Android build, however almost immediately I see issues where images are not loading properly. Vising the manual URL for our update
Gives me the proper manifest, looking at the URL’s they are all listed as . Visiting any of these URLS gives me a hard error:

Telling me cloudflare has blocked my access. This makes me extremely skeptical that this is in any way ready for primetime, actual production development. Is there something I’m missing or is this just completely broken?


Hi @e0steven - the expo-updates module will load assets correctly. They are not meant to be loaded through a web browser. We might be able to modify this error screen to be clearer, though it could also be out of our control. If you have issues with the expo-updates module loading assets, let us know.

Edit: it looks like we can give the page a clearer error message.

Totally understand that those would fail without the proper header/etc traffic. In my tests I wasn’t seeing any updates loading at all/succeeding through listening to HTTPS traffic. However, further debugging I see now that that asset loading wasn’t necessarily the problem. The problem is that EAS update and environment variables are wholly incompatible to the greater EAS ecosystem namely using the build profiles to set variables. Instead in our case, the eas update just pulled them from my local ENV instead of using the build profile that I thought it would use. This caused our app updates to crash, making the app revert back to the original build. I apologize for the error.

This guide on environment variables across builds and updates might be handy. It requires using .env files and hopefully can simplify your setup.