CFBundleLocalizations ignored on Apple App Store

Hello, we have released our app on app store. The app was succesfully reviewed on first try but…
The problem is that our app does support only Czech, Slovak languages and it is shown as English in app store.

I found it is necessary to add info into info.plist files. So I have enhanced app.json

  "infoPlist": {
    "CFBundleLocalizations" : ["cs", "sk"]

After build info.plist in IPA file contains


App was accepted on app store but still shows English only.
I should note that we have all translations in one file.

Anyone knows how to fix it?

Ok, I have found a solution!

I had to also add at least empty localization files to my app.json file.

"locales": {
  "cs": "./src/localization/cs.json",
  "sk": "./src/localization/sk.json"

These files contain just empty json objects. The effect is that IPA file after expo build:ios now contains directories cs.lproj and sk.lproj.

After these steps there were English, Czech, Slovak languages in App Store.

So why English?

Finally I added “CFBundleDevelopmentRegion” : “cs” and English is gone.

  "infoPlist": {
    "CFBundleLocalizations" : ["cs", "sk"],
    "CFBundleDevelopmentRegion" : "cs"

Hey @chilly,

Thanks for sharing the solution with the community! Also, sorry for not getting back to you with the answer. Glad you got it solved though!



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