Can't start my first project


i’m on OSX. i have installed Expo. But look like i can’t upgrade it. when trying to start a new project with “npx expo start” i keep getting :

“WARNING: The legacy expo-cli does not support Node +17. Migrate to the new local Expo CLI: The New Expo CLI. In Expo SDK 46 we introduced a new… | by Evan Bacon | Exposition”.

“npx expo --version” says i’m on 6.3.8

what exactly should i do to update expo and start working on my first project?

thank you!

Hey @aidar1987, you do not need to install expo-cli as it has been deprecated and now we recommend new Expo CLI which expo package.

  • Uninstall the expo-cli from your machine
  • Create a new expo project using npx create-expo-app
  • Then you can use the new CLI to start the development server: npx expo start

For more detailed info, please see our docs: Create a project - Expo Documentation

Thank you! How do I uninstall expo-cli?

Uninstall it globally:
npm uninstall -g expo-cli

Uninstall it from your app’s dependencies:
If you’re using npm to manage the dependencies in your app (i.e. you have a package-lock.json file):
npm uninstall expo-cli
If you’re using yarn to manage your dependencies (i.e. you have a yarn.lock file):
yarn remove expo-cli

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thank you so much! this helped

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thank you!

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