Can't send notification on iOS

I have a problem when i send notification on iOS.
I export “in-house” developed iOS app as an enterprise application.
InvalidCredentials: Expo was unable to establish a secure connection to the Apple Push Notification service. This potentially is due to an invalid APNs certificate or token for your Apple developer account; if you have provided your own APNs certificate or token, carefully verify that it is for production and is in the format Expo expects.
Can you help me solve?

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Hi - notifications for in-house apps may not be supported right now. Please try creating an App Store build and distributing it through the App Store and TestFlight.

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Hi ide, Any solution here to push notification for in-house apps? Please advice. Thank you so much

If you can get a production (this is a requirement), in-house APNs certificate, you can try uploading it to Expo (clear certificates with exp build:ios -c and then try again), but we primarily support App Store apps currently.

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Hi ide, let me try first. We chose expo to develop in-house app but this issue is really important with us. It can make our project discontinued. I don’t want that thing come true. Thank you.

thanks for support , we have build app in house and push notification success

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