Can I write my own Expo SDK?,How to write a library with Java and Object-C supported by Expo

I see that some react-native-* libraries can be used in Expo, but more can’t,Libraries like react-native-view-shot,I want to know what libraries that can’t be used in Expo need to do to be used in Expo,like react-native-nodemediaclient, or is there any way we can write a library like Expo SDK。
I don’t know if it’s clear
Thank you in advance

here’s an explanation for what is in the sdk and why:

managed workflow apps only support a fixed set of native libraries at the moment (more info about managed workflow).

if you’d like to include other libraries, you have to trade off using expo client and use the bare workflow instead.

we’re working on support for adding custom native code in managed apps. our most recent release related to this is detailed in this blog post - in the future eas build will make this possible.

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Thank you very much for the contribution of the Expo team. I’m looking forward to it👏

I’ve opened the EAS service, but it’s carried out in the managed mode,EAS is it to solve the problem of build after the Expo eject?,It’s just generated eas.json File.It’s not what I thought I can use Xcode / Android studio to open the project as I thought。
Is EAS not suitable for managed mode projects?