Can I change release channel of an EAS build?

  • I’m using managed workflow
  • eas-cli/0.40.0

Previously with ‘expo build’, I could switch release channel of a published bundle like this:
expo publish:set --publish-id <ID> --release-channel <CHANNEL>. Is this possible with builds done via EAS build? I.e. if I have built an app bundle with release-channel beta, can I later switch that bundle to receive updates published with release channel prod?

Edit: perhaps I should elaborate more on what my general app build process goes.

When a merge request is approved to the master branch of the app repository, it triggers an EAS build with auto submit to Play Store beta release track (eas.json contains the release channel which is not visible in this command):

npx eas-cli build --platform android --profile=beta --auto-submit-with-profile=beta --non-interactive

Then that build gets tested for random amount of days until it is deemed stable enough and it gets promoted to production. This build now is associated with beta release channel, but I’d like to reassociate it with prod release channel for reasons you might guess.

P.S. Thanks to Expo guys for the work you’ve done so far, this tool is generally just awesome!