Can AD_ID permission be blocked in expo47/EAS

Hi there,

I’m using Expo 47 with EAS.
Google play console, app bundle explorer lists “” under permissions.
Google Play / About this app / App permissions reads: “Advertising ID Permissions”.

However, I am not using any advertising in my app, and would prefer not to confuse the users by listing an irrelevant permission.
Is it that permission still mandatory for Expo, or may I add “” to android.blockedPermissions: [ … ] without being rejected/removed from the Google Play?

  1. SDK Version: 47 with EAS build
  2. Platforms: iOS/Android (question about Android).


You can remove permissions from the final AndroidManifest with the blockedPermissions key in your Expo Config. However, you may want to investigate further what package is adding those permissions in the first place (they’re not added automatically as part of React Native or Expo).

Thanks Keith,
Might expo-firebase-analytics use a dependency that requires the AD_ID permission?

I will try migrating from expo-firebase-analytics (which is deprecated anyway) to React Native Firebase per fyi/ at main · expo/fyi · GitHub and see if AD_ID disappears, otherwise I’ll add it to blockedPermissions and see if Firebase still works without it

It seems that indeed Firebase adds the AD_ID dependency (as noted here: 🐛 [firebase-config] Unknown permission `` · Issue #9237 · firebase/flutterfire · GitHub and elsewhere).
Following migration from expo-firebase-analytics to React Native Firebase the AD_ID is still there.
I added it manually to blockedPermissions, which made it disappear for Android.

How can it be blocked in the iOS build?
There’s an explanation here: Analytics | React Native Firebase but I’m not sure how to apply this for a managed EAS build
This was asked before, but not answered (yet): How to modify Podfile in an Managed workflow?

Hi @rsnr

Did you see these?

I also find it helpful to search for config plugins in the Expo Git repositories (e.g. expo/expo, expo/config-plugins, etc.). e.g. try searching for withPodfileProperties

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