Building an iOS App create an Error: There was an error with this build

Hi all! I’m having an issue with exp build command

The exp build:iOS does work and it starts building the app. But a few minutes later, i check the status and get this: iOS: There was an error with this build. Please try again.

In the setting, I have minify=false, dev=true. I think that I saw it had an impact somewhere on a forum/issue but I can’t find where.

Anyone have an idea about that?

For anyone coming along, we spoke on Slack and resolved the issue. We hope to improve the error handling of standalone builds soon!

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What was the resolution? I am having the same issue while creating iOS build.

Experiencing this as well.

BuildID: 341c0a7b-7d61-4303-871e-54e3d86eeceb

Is it possible to get more details from somewhere?