Build with Expo stuck (iOS)

Hi there — we’re resolving some issues with the build machines as we speak. 40 minute delays to process a build are certainly not normal, but can happen under extremely heavy load or if the build servers in a bad state.


ps if you’re comfortable with the iOS / Android toolchains, you can also do the build entirely on your machine! (If you’re not, we’ll have the build servers back to normal again ASAP.)

We’ll post updates here::


Cheers for the response. Just wanna say it’s a fantastic product so your promptness on this is well appreciated.


Same issue:
ID : f595c0e4-8a7c-45a2-8ca4-0e58bbbc672a

I think problem has been fixed and my ios build is done with success. Thanks a lot…

Also having issues with this…

My build timed out with the following error in the CLI: “Timeout reached! Project is taking longer than expected to finish building, aborting wait…”

But my build (3e7ec35a-9f70-4da9-8dc4-4e1ad215b386) is still queued, and am unable to cancel, or start another build from the CLI

Thanks for any help!

Please cancel my build: 2fc0ba78-8a6f-4efe-a592-23f2cf2a2a5a

I am experiencing the same issue stuck in “Queued” for ~3.

iOS builds are currently being processed more slowly than usual. We are looking into speeding up the builders today and we’ll post updates here:


same issue here. Expo is broken?

Please see the post above – we are looking into speeding up the builders and will announce updates at that linked status page.


FYI, same here:

Thank you for your efforts.

Please reset this build too:


Please forget what I said, the compilation took hours but just finished.

Thank you again!

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