Build iOS without admin rights

First time Expo user trying to figure out how to use this within a large enterprise organization. Our public developer account is shared among a few different teams so rights are restricted to specific apps rather than having a bunch of admins with full rights. How can one team use Expo and provide a certificate/profile to use without needing admin rights or even rights to certs/profiles in the Apple developer portal?

Even if we could get the distribution certificate loaded, where is it stored and would that person using Expo have access to export it out and use it elsewhere?

Please help me with how to use Expo in this restricted environment if at all possible.

hey @nperrusio I’m assuming this is your situation:

  • user does not have the Apple login/password to the Apple Developer account
  • instead, user has the individual credentials (Distribution Cert, Push Key, provisioning profile)

If this is the case, you can pass them in via the command line or set them up before hand using expo credentials:manager -p ios. More details here: fyi/ at master · expo/fyi · GitHub

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