Bug with Snack naming and Removed Snacks

Whenever I create a snack with the same name as a Snack I previously removed, the newly created Snack, even when saved, does not appear.

I found this out as I imported a repo from Github, worked on it, then exported that snack and deleted the Snack. The next day I created a new Snack and imported from the same GiHub repo, worked on it and saved. I came back later that night to find the Snack was not appearing in my Snacks. The app is still appearing and working on my Expo app.

I recreated the issue by naming a new Snack “123”, saving and deleting, and then making a new Snack “123”, saving. Upon opening my Snacks, the new Snack does not appear in my Snacks.

Please let me know if this is an error on my end. Thank you

Edit: Also, is there any way I can get my code back? Worked on it for a solid day haha. Thanks