Best UI Component Library for Expo Managed Workflow?

I’ve been using NativeBase for my project and it’s poorly maintained. I also cannot seem to get the latest version running with Expo 38 or 39.

I’m thinking of abandoning this framework, but if I move to another one, want to make sure it will play nice with Expo managed workflow.

For example, has some components that require linking which we cannot do in Managed Workflow I believe, so I’m leaning towards not using that even though seems well maintained.

What are you guys all using out there and are you happy with it?

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I would like to know too

I think this is the answer. As I know react native elements supports web while native base not.

react-native-elements seem to have a lot less issues as well…Native Base has been a pain to upgrade.

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Where did you find this data?

Maybe not the best, but beautiful.
But the problem is that the components are not enough, paper has a slow-update

I found a site that compares. Github Compare