Getting Started with Best Practices

Hello Everybody,

This the first post here in this nice forum.

I have the following questions:
(1) What are the recommended boilerplates for Expo that have best practices?
(2) What are the recommended GitHub repositories?
(3) What are the key persons in the world of React Native and Expo those are tweeting to follow them?

Best Regards


  1. no recommended boilerplates, you do you. you can browse some projects on or check out some of mine on is also neat
  2. see 1), also, also check out for others.
  3. you could follow me on twitter if you like!
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Thanks a lot for your answers.

I am already following you in Twitter :grin:

Any additional replies or thoughts are welcomed



What about these boilerplates or starter kits?

Which one(s) do you recommend for development of CRUD application?


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