Automating app.json for build and deployment


I am adding bugfixes and features to my Expo app but I am looking to automate the release-process against Google Play and Appstore.
The expo-cli stuff seems solved but I would need to generate a new app.json and I need some help here.
For iOS it’s “buildNumber”: “16”, “build”: “16” and for Android it is “versionCode”: 16
We also have “version”: “1.0.0”

Today I manually ++ to buildnumber, build and versionCode and it’s easy to miss.
My plan was to use GitHub Actions to generate a app.json file before my build and deploy to Appstore and Google Play. Then I can keep API-keys and other sensitive stuff in GitHub Secrets.
But I am not 100% sure how I should generate and manage buildnummer, build and versioncode. Do you have any suggestion where I should get it from and soes it need to be an integer that I do a ++ to?


You’re in luck!

@bycedric released the solution to this problem a few days ago:

See also:

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