auto-connect Expo dev-client to a static ip through configuration?

Is it possible to make a dev-client auto connect to a certain IP everytime?

Use Case: I’m trying to run detox e2e UI tests on a debug build(which uses dev-client) and detox cannot interact with the dev-client UI where we configure our expo dev server.

I looked into the dev-client source code

Is there a way for us to pass the loading url from a configuration file or app.json file so that the app launches directly, without the dev-client home screen asking for a local dev-server?

I was able to pass a deep link for the expo dev client - something like exp:// - by passing it as detox launchApp() method argument. But what happened was that since the dev-client wasn’t connected to the expo development server, it couldn’t load the app.

In essence, the deep link would’ve worked only after the app is connected to the dev server. It cannot be used to connect to the server in the first place.

The exact solution I was looking for is still not found.