expo start --dev-client starts metro on http://localhost:8081


If I run 'npx expo start --dev-client" the metro starts on http://localhost:8081
I want it to start on my local IP so I can connect from a dev build (eas) installed on my phyical iphone.
Help is very appriciated. Thanks!

“expo”: “~46.0.9”,
“expo-dev-client”: “~1.2.1”,


Hi @nivis

You can actually run it without --dev-client. If I do that I get the machine’s LAN IP address instead of localhost.

From the Expo SDK 45 release announcement:

Quality of life improvements:

  • You no longer need to remember to pass --dev-client to expo start to develop with a development build.
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Thank you very much!

It’s working now :slight_smile:

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