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I’m trying to make AuthSession work with Cognito User Pools and have my code setup similar to the examples for Auth0 and facebook from the docs. When the AuthSession starts, I get this warning:

You are not currently signed in to Expo on your development machine. As a result, the redirect URL for AuthSession will be “”. If you are using an OAuth provider that requires whitelisting redirect URLs, we recommend that you do not whitelist this URL – instead, you should sign in to Expo to acquired a unique redirect URL. Additionally, if you do decide to publish this app using Expo, you will need to register an account to do it.

I checked with ‘exp login’ and it did say that I was already logged in. Do I need to login some other way?


Ok, hopefully I can save the next guy an hour or so if they run into this:

I was starting the project using ‘yarn start’ or ‘npm start’ which has worked just fine for all my testing thus far. However, apparently this does not log you into the expo system to be able to do things like the AuthSession redirect stuff. So, after launching the expo application and getting it to work with the simulator there, I thought to check the exp CLI parameters further and since it told me I was already signed in, I started the project via ‘exp start’ and voila, everything fell into place.


Glad you got this resolved @asharafshahi!

Thanks for posting to help others out if they run into the same issue/confusion.



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