AuthSession Auth0

Has anyone been able to get AuthSession working with auth0 and a web build.

All works fine on the mobile builds however the redirect back to the app does not work when on web.

I guess the issue is with the expo auth proxy expecting to redirect back to the client. However i’m not sure how to keep the code and access token interaction but replace the final redirect url.

const useProxy ={ web: false, default: true });
const redirectUri = AuthSession.makeRedirectUri({ useProxy });

const [request, result, promptAsync] = AuthSession.useAuthRequest(



      clientId: auth0ClientId,

       // id_token will return a JWT token

      responseType: "id_token token",

      // retrieve the user's profiles

      scopes: ["offline_access","openid", "profile"],

      extraParams: {

        // ideally, this will be a random value

        nonce: "nonce",

        audience: "MY-AUDIENCE-ID"



    { authorizationEndpoint }


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