AuthSession not redirecting after successful Auth0 login

I have been trying to get Auth0 working with my React Native app using Expo. I have read many docs, SO threads, the the example apps, but I keep getting stuck at the same point. The “return to app” link does not work. The href in the link looks like this:


I can post my code, but it is essential the auth0_example that everyone says works, but with my ClientId and domain.

@gochinj maybe its because the character before your parameters should be ? instead of #?

from the linking docs:

Thanks for pointing that out, but I don’t generate that URL Expo does. My app working now.

The solution was to make sure that my app was using sdkVersion 24.0.0 as in the example app. My app was originally created with 28.0.0. That was the version that generated URL above. but could not get things working downgraded to 24.0.0 and it started working correctly.

I have the same issue on Ios SDK 28.

Google Login and Facebook Login just Stop working.

This is 100% confirmed, I went back to 28 and it fails to redirect.

@gochinj - is this on iOS or Android?

At the moment I am working with iOS. Not using the simulator, but a real iPhone. I aspire to getting this working on Android.

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My Android wors fine, ios Still not working

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