Authentication with Apple Developer Portal failed!!

i try to make an other build for ios

but getting this error

Authentication with Apple Developer Portal failed!
Error: Cookie not in this host’s domain.

i made the first build just two days ago and also i am able to access my account through website.Please share your suggestion or answers .

if you need any thing to known more please let me known i will be happy to provide you information.

Seems to an Expo server-side issue, it is being discussed here: Error: Cookie not in this host's domain. · Issue #1672 · expo/eas-cli · GitHub

Looks like Apple has changed a CDN URL or smth, and it broke for all EAS users. Need to wait for a solution from Expo guys. There are some workaround from guys (that did not work for me though), for example, they suggest pressing “n” when asked if you want to log in. Try, it may help.

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Just an update, the issue is now resolved. You’ll have to update the eas CLI version to 3.5.2. We’re also monitoring the issue, so if you find any new issues after updating to the latest EAS CLI version, please report them in the open issue as mentioned by @unit37akasrd: