AppTrackingTransparency - expo-permissions


How do we handle app tracking with the new ios 14.5 requirement, cannot see that expo-permission supports this?



Hey @praveen_payright, expo-permissions is deprecated. You’ll want to use the permission methods from the specific module. IE: Admob - Expo Documentation


Can you give me a small example on how to use the permission. I don’t know from what should I import it.

Oh I did not know that. I am now using the react-native-permissions library

Did it work with the permission library ?

Yes it works perfectly actually

Can you share your code or give an example? I dont know how to do it

Why is this only in the Admob module? For example, if we are using Amplitude for tracking user interactions, then I believe we also need to implement the AppTrackingTransparency prompt. Can anyone speak to this?

I also need an example i have my apps rejected from apple