Appodeal Integration

Please provide the following:

  1. SDK Version: 43
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): all

Hello team,

The question regarding the integration of Appodeal was asked a few times before by others. Now in 2021, with the new capabilities of dev-client, I am attempting to integrate Appodeal in my app. Appodeal seems to be working okay on iOS(at least the app does not crash and some UI shows up). But on Android, the dev-client does not start at all - it simply crashes and refuses to open.

Is a way to debug this (some kind of stack trace logging) to see where the problem is? Inputs appreciated.

Murali Mohan

Appodeal integration is working now. With the help of Expo’s latest ‘dev-client’ capabilities and by following the steps mentioned at GitHub - appodeal/react-native-appodeal: React Native package that adds Appodeal SDK support to your react-native application. I am able to build and test Appodeal integration in my app.

I am able to see different types of BannerAds, Interstitials and Rewarded Ads on my app in Development. Need to see how well it would work in production.

Thanks to the Expo team for adding the new ‘dev-client’ capabilities. It has unleashed the power of Expo and taken it to several levels above, exponentially! :slight_smile:

@alexis1987 - Hope you too have had success in integrating Appodeal with your app. If not, feel free to ping me… I can share some of the steps I have taken for the integration.

Murali Mohan

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