SDK 16 crashes on Android only


I have a detached app I developed awhile ago it uses SDK 16. It has been in production for awhile, but now it crashes on Android. Here is my package.json:

“react-native”: “”,
“react”: “16.0.0-alpha.6”,
“expo”: “16.0.0”,

Any ideas as to why? Anyone else running into this? Should I try to upgrade the app and hope that resolves the problems?

Hey @darkwata,

We always recommend to try and stay updated with the latest SDK versions if possible as it’s easier to debug issues and you get the advantages of all the new APIs, perf improvements, etc. so if that’s an option for you, I’d certainly upgrade to SDK26.



Thanks @adamjnav

I checked the app again this weekend and it seems like its working! I’ll definitely recommend the upgrade to the client I work with though.

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