Apple Sign In Not Working iOS Standalone

I followed instructions 1-7 from AppleAuthentication - Expo Documentation

Apple Sign in works fine from my Expo client, but when I create the standalone app the apple sign in doesn’t appear (I’m testing on my iOS simulator).

My code is

  const appleResponse = yield call(AppleAuthentication.signInAsync, {
        requestedScopes: [

but I can’t exactly tell what’s happening to the promise, because (as the Expo team says here Debugging standalone apps - #6 by dikaiosune) the production binary can’t show dev logs.

I’m wondering what I’m supposed to do with the key I generate in step 6 of the Apple sign in expo docs .
Am I supposed to do anything with it?
The step says to…
“Next, go to the “Keys” page and register a new key. Add the “Sign In with Apple” capability, and make sure to choose the correct primary app on the configuration screen.”

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

EDIT: it does not work on the standalone app on the phone or simulator.

Hi, did you find any solution?
on my end apple sign in also working fine in expo but not on standalone build

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ok the issue was, i had to add “usesAppleSignIn”: true in app.json

Hello, @imthere.
I got the same issue. Did you find the any solution?
Please let me know if you find.
Also pls help me
This is asap issue to me.

I am also facing same issue. Could anyone solve it?

Facing the same issue? Any solution found?

I have added it like this:

"ios": {
      "bundleIdentifier": "com.XXX.XXX",
      "config": {
        "googleSignIn": {
          "reservedClientId": "XXXXXXXXXXX"

but it still wont work on standalone. It works on expo though.