[App Signing] Can't upload App Signing Key & Certificate Zip

Hi all,
I am doing App Signing following:

I run the command: expo opt-in-google-play-signing
Then It generated APP SIGNING PRIVATE KEY and UPLOAD KEY PUBLIC CERTIFICATE in my working directory

I compressed xxx_private_sign_key and xxx_upload_cert.pem to zip file

In Google Play Console → App Release → Export and upload a key and certificate (not using a Java keystore) → Upload the generated zip file.

I got the error “Zip file contains no encrypted private key.”

I dont know why. Someone please help me :slight_smile:

Thank you very much

You should go to App signing tab not App release. I have never seen option to upload zip, can you provide screenshot of this?
On app signing page should be two buttons to upload both those files separately.


The instructions on expo opt-in-google-play-signing says:
"On the previously opened Google Play console page, upload [PATH]/univerter_private_sign_key as “APP SIGNING PRIVATE KEY” and [PATH]/univerter_upload_cert.pem as “UPLOAD KEY PUBLIC CERTIFICATE”

if I upload Univerter_private_sign_key on the APP SIGNING KEY & CERTIFICATE ZIP button, I get an error of a non valid zip file. If I make a zip file containing both the Univerter_private_sign_key and univerter_upload_cert.pem and try to upload it, I get another error: “Zip file contains no encrypted private key.”

So, what should we do?

If you never uploaded any apk to play store you don’t need to do anything, jut select first option (to handle it by google)
Keystore in expo will be only for uploading and keystore for singing will be kept by google.

Opt in command is intendent to simplify migration old apps.

I uploaded an app long time ago made without Expo or react native.
My first attempt was to select the first option, but when I upload the apk, it gives me an error: Your Android App Bundle is signed with the wrong key.
Anyway, I think the op and me would want an answer for this particular case, not an alternative.

I don’t recommend that, but If you know what you are doing you could follow instructions for option Export and upload a key and certificate from a Java keystore and when you finish run expo build:android -c and pass for upload keystore to that command. (don’t use opt-in-google-play-signing command)

What you should do is to select the first option to let google handle that. The screenshot you provided is for an app that didn’t have any apk or aab uploaded because uploading is blocked before you either opt in or opt out. I don’t have enough information to be sure but my best guess is that the problem you had before was because you uploaded some apk or aab and later removed it and uploaded again different one signed with different keystore.

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