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I’m building an app in development mode and as I’ve been building it, the app has always updated when I save a change. Those changes would show up on both ios and android simulators. Suddenly, after code changes, it’s not updating the changes. It’s as if a previous version of my app is cached and always being “built”. This is true on both the ios simulator and android simulator. It’s also true even if I close the simulators, quit Expo, shut down the terminal, and then reopen them all back up. It’s still stuck on this cached version of the app. Can anyone help me figure out how to get updates back working? I’ve also looked at other topics on this issue and haven’t been able to figure out how to fix it. I’m still somewhat a beginner in using Expo/RN. Any help appreciated.

I ended up rebuilding my project in another folder and using that, and it seems to be updating again. Not sure what the problem was, but working again now.

I have this strange problem on expo 36. No matter what I change in my files the app is not updating…

UPDATE: Disabling remote debugging fixed the problem for now.

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