App is stuck on Splash screen

From March 21 2022 onwards the builds pushed to TestFlight and Google Play are not working. The app is stuck on the splash screen. The older version(March 18 2022) of the app is working as expected.

  • Managed workflow
  • expo-cli-version: 5.3.0
  • eas-cli: our pipe-line still uses the expo-cli for building and uploading the app to TestFlight and Google Play
  • I have reset the code base to March 18 2022 and built again but no luck.
    Any help would greatly helpful.
  • The builds built for simulator are also not working.
  • The code is working fine on Expo-Go app.


I tried debugging the app almost two days by following the above mentioned documentation. But no luck. The app works fine locally on expo go app and bare workflow as well. But it is not working when it built using commands expo build:android and expo build:ios

Are you displaying a modal right after the app starts?