APK Permissions Update by Google

Android Developer Blog just released (and a fun email to go along with it) that permissions are to be slim. If you’re not using them then they need to not be requested.

Could we please revisit this thread:

And figure out a way to specify what would be needed vs required for OTA updates? I would love to do this without ejecting every time.

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This policy will impact one or more of your apps

Why is my simple expo app using Call Log and SMS permissions?

I can’t find an option to disable it in android.permissions documented here:

@rolznz - https://docs.expo.io/versions/v31.0.0/sdk/permissions#android-permissions-equivalents-inside-appjson


@notbrent Thanks - I guess my confusion was due to the inconsistency between your page and the link I posted (see the default android permissions).

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