Android permission added silently in apk build just today

I have two Android build, version 8 and version 9. However after I submitted version 9 to google play release page, it shows the following message:


Both builds are built on expo v24.0.0, one built yesterday and one is today. Why are the two permissions android.permission.READ_CALENDAR and android.permission.WRITE_CALENDAR, which I do not use at all, built into the apk with just one night of the time difference? Is there any changes made on the expo server side?

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Hey there, we are in the middle of rolling out Expo SDK 25 support to our Android app builder, which adds Calendar support.

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hey Ben, thanks for the fast reply. I’m manually overriding permissions in app.json and still seeing this warning, is there a way to not ask for this permission? or alternatively, will they prompt users for an extra permission when they download the app?

Will appreciate your help, we’re holding off our production deploy until we can figure this out, thanks!

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Hi @sidbatra! You can use this key in app.json to filter out permissions.

Hey @sidbatra - turns out the error is indeed on our end, we missed allowing those permissions to be filtered out. We’ll get this fixed and deployed soon. Thanks very much for reporting, and so sorry for the inconvenience!

Thank you so much! I’ll wait for your next deploy before retrying an android build, appreciate the response.

Thanks for everyone’s kind reply. I have already released my build despite this issue.

Can’t wait to try out SDK 25. Please keep on the great works!

@sidbatra @carsonwah this should be fixed now - sorry for the delay. Let us know if you’re still seeing this issue with new apk builds started after this post.

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Thanks @esamelson I just built and pushed an android build to production, worked fine. Thank you!

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