.apk not to be found

When building with exp build:android I get the URL to the expo application https://exp.host/@me/myapplication but there is no link to the .apk file to be found.

I followed the instructions found here: https://docs.expo.io/versions/v17.0.0/guides/building-standalone-apps.html

The documentation says ‘…This will take a few minutes, you can check up on it by running exp build:status. When it’s done, you’ll see the url of a .apk (Android) or .ipa (iOS) file…’

I only get URL to where I can launch the app with Expo. I need the standalone .apk file.

These are the logs from terminal:

exp build:android
[exp] Making sure project is set up correctly…
[exp] Your project looks good!
[exp] Checking if current build exists…

[exp] No currently active or previous builds for this project.
[exp] Starting build process…
[exp] Publishing…
[exp] Building iOS bundle
[exp] Building Android bundle
[exp] Analyzing assets
[exp] Uploading assets
[exp] No assets changed, skipped.
[exp] Uploading JavaScript bundles
[exp] Published
[exp] Your URL is


[exp] Building…
[exp] Build successfully started, it may take a few minutes to complete. Run “exp build:status” to monitor it.

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Of course now when trying again to build and use exp build:status I can see the apk URL.
Weird. Case closed.


Thank you for posting this, for some reason I was expecting the apk link to appear from the build so I never read past that step. It should probably be mentioned before hand that its two commands before getting the APK or something.

Thanks again for this post :slight_smile: