Not generating apk file for Standalone App in Expo

I want to generate and apk for my expo project. I follow the instructions on how to generate standalone app. However after finish the whole process, i copy the URl link on the browser, but the does not contain an apk to download. It only shows the QR code ( no download for the apk). any help pls? Thank you in advance.

I have the same problem
I have Build succesfully started, it can take a few minutes to complete…
And when i run exp build:status i have a message that contain to rebuild the project

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it’s freaking frustrating, I have been trying it by following the instructions over and over but still can’t get work.

I can not understand what must i do to get an apk file((((((

I don’t know either but maybe someone in the forum will help out

I hope
Do you have thesame problem you can not get an apk file

Yes the same issue. Can’t get apk.

Hi! Sorry you both are having problems. Can you provide some details about your project so I can look at our error logs? Your Expo username and the “slug” field from exp.json/app.json is usually sufficient.

do you find a problem??