Any plans for NFC support (android only)?

Great work with expo / expo components. Just wondering if there was a solution without detaching to tap into NFC reading?

It’s on our list of feature requests and also supported on iOS (iPhone 7 and newer with iOS 11 and newer) too! Upvote here:

Awesome! I have upvoted. I will probably need to detach as it probably wont be done in 1 week :stuck_out_tongue:

@ide - Just wondering, any idea when NFC will be available? I just developed one app in Expo, and have to create another one, but with NFC… Can wait, but not much.

We aren’t working on NFC right now. More generally, there is such a long tail of modules that take time to implement and add to a growing maintenance cost so we are working on making it much better to write native modules yourself more freely and reduce the extent to which the Expo team is an intrinsic bottleneck. So I think detaching and writing your own module is one avenue to look at.

@ide So We could write modules manually for Expo ?
So I could write some apps with basic JavaScripts, like alerts library, etc and publish on Github for everyone, and after it could be install with npm, yarn, I understand it.

But how could I program native code for hardware such NFC on JavaScript for iOS (for instance) and compile it for Expo ?

@methos2018 The general gist is that you detach your project and write your own native code and then compile with Xcode and Android Studio. You don’t use the Expo client with this workflow. More details of the current version are here:


I understand this, but Could I write modules for expo by my own? Like CRNA already inside the Expo? Actually you got some libraries like Maps etc

If you want to write modules for your app that uses Expo, you need to detach and use ExpoKit. The libraries like Maps that are included in the Expo client are chosen by the Expo team and incur a maintenance cost so we are careful what to include.

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But in that way I lost Notification support, and publishing channels, right ?