Any plain for support Bluetooth API like phonegap do?

I want upgrade our App from phonegap to expo, but our App has a basic function need to connect to bluetooth mobile printer. is there is road map?

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it is on the roadmap, but you can also use it now if you want. you just have to detach your app to add the native dependency. see this doc:

Hi @notbrent, I need also support for Bluetooth, do you know timetable for this?

we don’t have a timeline for that right now, we are working on some infrastructure in expo to make it possible. please go to and upvote it, and provide as much information as possible about what you want to use bluetooth for! thanks! :slight_smile:

until then, you can ‘detach’ and use another react native bluetooth library or write your own


Hey, is there any news about this feature on Expo?
Thanks for your work

Hello, sorry to bother as I am sure you guys are very busy, but I was wondering if there have been any advancements for the BLE timeline? Thanks!

We don’t have a timeline yet but its pretty near the top of the list. It’s hard since (a) there’s a non-trivial surface are to Bluetooth (BLE, Bluetooth pairing, a number of different ways to use it), (b) non-trivial to figure out the right way to expose it to JS, © pretty significant differences between iOS and Android, (d) this is one area where Android devices are actually pretty fragmented. So we’ll need to find a serious chunk of time to do it.

Hello, Any new about Bluetooth API Support ???

we’re planning to work on this but we haven’t had time yet.

you can vote or comment on the feature request here:

@ccheever Can we expect to see this on SDK 29 or even 28?

probably not

So maybe 31? Or 32?

Is Expo39 now. Is bluetooth API solution in?