Android: Using FCM tags to prevent duplicate push notifications


  1. SDK Version:
    expo SDK : 36.0.0
    expo-server-sdk-node : 3.5.0
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all):

Hi All,

Just hoping to get some help on using FCM tags through the Expo SDK. I’m trying to add a “tag” field in order to prevent duplicate push notifications from appearing on the device. Below is an example of what I’m passing into Expo.chunkPushNotifications():

     to: <PushToken>,                                                                                                          
     sound: "default",                                                                                                        
     body: "Message to send",                                                                              
     data: <data payload>,
     tag: "hardcoded-tag-for-testing"

Even with a hardcoded tag I was still observing multiple push notifications on the device side.

If this isn’t achievable using tags, is there a good way parse a push notification on the device before presenting?


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