Android themed icon documentation (monochrome icons)

Relates to Android, on Expo 47

I don’t know if this is an upcoming feature thats been added to the docs too soon or I’m just reading it wrong, but on the App Icons documenation there’s fairly clear instructions on how to add a monochrome image to give your app a themed icon App Icons - Expo Documentation

Specifically: Use the android.adaptiveIcon.monochromeImage field in app.json to specify your monochrome image.

But when I follow the instructions and add a monochromeImage value in app.json, it complains that it isn’t allowed. Checking ExpoConfig.d.ts, it does indeed look like it doesn’t support it (yet).


Whats happened here, are the docs wrong or am I missing something blindingly obvious?


The relevant part of my app.json, for avoidance of doubt. The error is “Property monochromeImage is not allowed”

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