How to apply android adaptive icon?

Hi, I want to apply adaptive icon. But I don’t know how to do that.

At expo docs, I read the priority of applying app icon is in order android.adaptiveIcon, android.icon, and icon in " app.json " file.

So I write " app.json " file like this.

    "expo": {
        "icon" : "./assets/A.png"
        "android": {
            "adaptiveIcon": {
                "foregroundImage": "./assets/B.png",
                "backgroundColor": "#4F62C0"

I want to apply “./assets/B.png”, but when I do “expo start”, it always apply “./assets/A.png” on app icon. If I delete “icon” : “./assets/A.png” line, expo apply default icon on app icon.

Please let me know how to apply my own png file on app Icon… (or way to apply “./assets/A.png” and background color on app icon)

hey there!

These docs say it must follow Android specified guidelines. Did you already make sure the icons follow these guidelines?

I also found these docs on Expo that might help.