Android sync failing on updating to SDK 31


I updated to SDK 31 for expo. Whilst the upgrade worked in iOS I am unable to make the android build work. This is an already detached project. I began by following the below instructions,

I then updated expokit based on the instructions below,

I used expokit 31.0.2 for sdk 31

I removed gradle cache and tried to build but I am constantly seeing this,
Failed to resolve: host.exp.exponent:expoview:31.0.2

Any idea how to go about this?

Fixed. I misunderstood the version numbers to use. Correcting this allowed the sync to proceed. Also, the simulator would no longer load the app for whatever reason. It remained on Waiting for android device to come online

Removing and readding from AVD resolved that. Thanks!

Glad you got to the bottom of this, @teamrunner.



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