30.0.0" is deprecated. Please update Expo SDK version

Hello everyone,

Since yesterday, I’m trying to make a build with Expo SDK 30 and I’m getting the message “30.0.0" is deprecated. Please update Expo SDK version.”.

Last Friday, everything was working fine, but since yesterday, I’m getting this message whenever I try to make a build:android or build:ios.

I tried to update to Expo SDK 31, but I’m getting errors with libraries like “react-native-svg” and “react-native-ui-kitten”. And I didn’t intend to have to go through this dependency fixes, since I have some functionalities to deliver, and these fixes could take some time.

Does anyone knowns why I’m getting this error message since yesterday, and is there is any solution, so I can build, my app in Android and iOS?

Thanks in advance, for any help provided.

Hello @teck! Please see Updated Expo client available on App Store and Play Store | by Brent Vatne | Exposition for some options for working around this for now. I would suggest finding time soon to invest in switching over to SDK31+ though!

Hi, I thought I was the only one with issue. Since the past Friday I’ve been experiencing the same thing my app is not running on the last version of expo 2.11.0. It says that 30.0.0 is not a valid SDK but it works on 2.10.6. I haven’t tried to make a build but I think will have the same problem.
When I tried to upgrade to the SDK 31 I got lots of errors. I reach a point where I don’t get errors but my app gets stuck in a white screen after the splash.

a white screen could be caused by any numbers of possible errors preventing your app from being rendered. you could try doing a binary search of your code (comment out or otherwise get rid of some logical half, see if that fixes your problem, repeat something works, add things back gradually until you narrow down the problem) and go from there

Hi @notbrent - I think this is a mistake. We have users that take their sweet time updating, and we try to test older versions in order to see what we need to force-deprecate. We view the ability to build older versions as extremely important, even if we aren’t publishing them.

hi there! i’m not sure i understand your comment. what does “this” mean when you say “this is a mistake”? how does expo updating relate to your users?

@notbrent Sorry - I meant removing the ability to build binaries against an old SDK.

we want to keep supporting old sdk versions on builders, we’re thinking about how we can do that. unfortunately we didn’t have much choice but to remove old sdks for this update, more info in Preview: Upcoming Changes for Expo SDK 33 | by James Ide | Exposition

We are working on re-enabling builds for older SDK versions so that you will be able to build for SDK 30 this release. (The Expo client, however, includes only SDK 31, 32, and 33.) Next release, SDK 30 will be marked as deprecated and unavailable on the builders so you should upgrade regardless.

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