Android SVGs do not render for SDK35 w/ Android 8.1

Android SVG Issue

SVG image does not render on Android Device with info:

Model: Nexus 5X

Android version: 8.11.0

Android security patch level: November 5, 2018

Baseband version: M8994F-

Build number: OPM7.181105.004


  1. Click Export button for Snack.

  2. Extract archive and cd into directory:

$ unzip

$ cd android-svg-issue

  1. Run expo start

  2. Scan QR code to run on Expo app on Android device

Expected Behavior

Search icon renders (as it does on iOS):

Actual Behavior

Search icon does not render:

Additional Details

See logcat.log in this project for adb logcat output related to this issue.

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Hey! Any updates on this? Having the same problem, found no fixes.

What version of the react-native-svg library are you running? We experienced something similar and downgrading from version 9.9.9 to 9.9.0 addressed the issue for us.

That worked perfectly! Thanks!

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This did not work for me, BTW.

I ended up replacing all SVG components in Android with Image.There was a bug fix in react-native-svg 9.9.7 that I kinda need. Think that the image thing is a fine solution, but really hope this will be fixed when Expo updates react-native-svg.

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