Images not loading on android emulator / physical devices

I am trying to add social icons from react native elements library to my app.
It works perfectly fine on iOS emulator.

However, on android emulator or the physical device (iOS and android) expo clients, the icons do not render correctly.

See below -

Screenshot 2021-06-02 at 17.44.14

Ideally this should be rendered with the icon logo. I also see this as a problem with images in general on android. Can you let me know what I’m missing? Thank you.

import { SocialIcon } from 'react-native-elements'

function Social(props) {
  return (
    <View style={styles.container}>
        <SocialIcon type='facebook' 
            onPress={() => Linking.openURL('') }/>
        <SocialIcon type='twitter'
            onPress={() => Linking.openURL('') }/>
        <SocialIcon type='linkedin' 
            onPress={() => Linking.openURL('') }/>
        <SocialIcon type='instagram'
            onPress={() => Linking.openURL('') } />


Hey @lefthandmagic, could you try reproducing this with a vanilla RN project (Created via npx react-native init)? It’ll be useful to know if this is Expo-specific or not.


Thanks for your response. I haven’t tried it. I am new to react native, and have been only using expo so far. Let me give it a shot.

That said, an interesting observation is -

this is a problem only in development mode. If I publish the app to expo, and then access the app from the expo client, it renderers all the icons & images correctly.

If you have other ideas as well let me know. Cheers.