"barStyle": "light-content" not working

Here it says I can use “barStyle”: “light-content” to set the icons in the Android statusbar to be light. However, this doesn’t seem to be working for me. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

Here is my code: https://cdn.pbrd.co/images/Gzhr8Rc.png

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

It looks like you’re doing everything correctly here, light-content is an argument for barStyle in our docs, I’ll investigate this further for you.

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Hello. Your configuration seems correct. Can you provide me the following information so I can debug?

  • Your Android version
  • Are you using React Native’s StatusBar API or component anywhere in your code
  • If possible, can you link to your code? (DM me @satya164 in expo slack)

Hi satya. I am using an Android simulator (Genymotion) and the Android version is 6.0.0. I do not believe I am using any other sort of StatusBar API.

Here is all of the code from my app.json. I have since made modifications to App.js too however when I made this post the only file I had modified was app.json.

Hey guys, I have the same issue. The light-content is not working for me. It still shows everything in dark color. Do we have a solution to this issue?

Hello everybody. I have the same issue

It’s happening to me too.
As soon as you set an androidStatusBar key in the app.json file, the content will be dark no matter what.

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#Me too

Except it’s on iOS both in Expo app and simulator and a built ipa file on test flight. I did set the androidStatusBar key in my app.json file that was copied over from my android build. I briefly was able to get rid of it by importing the RN StatusBar and putting that in my root container below providerstore and router :

    <StatusBar barStyle="light-content" backgroundColor="#0e1027" />

happily, I commited the change. Switched branches, then came back and the status bar is dark again :confused:

@misterdjack it looks like this thread is discussing setting the Android status bar configuration, I don’t believe there’s currently an equivalent API on iOS. Have you tried building an APK for Android to test your changes?

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THanks for the response! I just had the exact same problem as this thread…except on iOS ¯_(ツ)_/¯. My Android version was fine, in Expo and the compiled APK. Even though I’m running the latest versions of Expo (25) and react-navigation (1.0.0-beta.27) I thought it may be an expo issue because I thought I remembered earlier versions of expo documentation the status bar would be dark until you built a standalone?

Anyway, I actually just ended up solving it by just importing RN StatusBar with barStyle=“light-content” below each view tag on each screen instead of below my root providerstore tags in main.js…a bit tedious but it works.

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