Android build generates a lot of files - git ignore them?

Hey everyone,

First of all, I just wanna say - after a few months that I published my iOS app, I started working on the Android version and it’s amazing how React Native and Expo (of course) made the process painless, pretty much out of the box, that’s amazing!!

Since our app is detached, I do have to make some adjustments for the Android version - like Linkedin, Push Notifications and some UI/UX changes but I’ll still end up with about 90% code reuse…

One question - the Android build is generating a lot of files, should I git ignore them or have them as part of the repo?


Hi @nirpeled - glad to hear things are working well for you! :slight_smile: The exact files that you choose to commit vs. ignore are up to you and can change depending on what other things you have in your android project, but a good starting point could be Github’s default .gitignore for android projects.

Hope this helps!!

Great idea - thanks!!

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