do you .gitignore your ios & android files?

For those using ExpoKit, it looks like the typical approach is to ignore the build directories within ios and android, but not the other contents of the ios and android directories.

It seems unnecessary to track the ios and android directories at all, but maybe there is a reason I’m not seeing?


@arnoldbird you should definitely track the ios and android directories. That’s where any changes you make to the native projects will live.

Thanks! I will do as you say. That seems to be the typical way to proceed.

But maybe it would make sense to avoid tracking the ios and android directories until such time that I need to make some customization to the code therein? If I never customize any native files, does it still make sense to track these directories in git?

I’m finding that tracking these directories has a dramatic effect on the size of my git project.

Nevermind. Now that I’ve been working in ExpoKit a little while, I see that the files in the ios directory do change at times. So I will track them.

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You need to track these otherwise any change you make will not be a available to other developers.if you don’t need to do any native changes you’d rather not eject in the first place

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