Android Build Failed Repeatedly.

Need help with this. Android build is repeatedly failing. I am unable to figure out what’s wrong.

Do check this out and appreciate the help.

Hi @shubhamparekh,

If you search the error in What went wrong, this forum post deals with the same one, or try out this Github issue as well. Try out the solutions there and let me know how it goes!

H @charliecruzan ,

Thanks for your reply. Everything is right as explained in the posts you sent. I am going to try again and see if it builds successfully.

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Hi @charliecruzan,

Build still fails. I tried contacting the application developer, he said it may be a issue with your npm. I am going to try reinstalling nodejs and try everything from scratch. Would appreciate your views regarding this.

Hm…not what I would’ve thought, but I’ve been wrong before :smile: worth a try, I suppose

Hi Charlie, I tried every step on another pc, but now expo cli fails to install.

What could be the case here?

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