Building android app is failing

From a few days ago I couldn’t build the standalone app. I tried multiple times but it doesn’t show any log to determine the problem. In my dashboard, it is writing failed on build status after a few hours of waiting for the build (In Progress status) and then will remove from my builds list automatically. this is the latest build id: e0f45a99-5042-4939-a311-779139cb7f1e

This is occurring while I’m using:

  1. expo export --public-url
  2. expo build:android --public-url

Also is there any way to build the app on the local machine instead of Expo’s cloud?

Hey @mojtabast,

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues with our build service. We’ll try to investigate what may be causing the problem here and get back to you.

In the mean time, you could use the turtle-cli to build your binaries locally.


Hello @mojtabast,

The build id you shared with us doesn’t exist in Expo’s database. Are you sure you send use the correct id?

Thanks @adamjnav I will try to use it.

@dsokal As I said it will be removed from my builds automatically after a few hours. I took some screenshots

In my builds list:

On Expo:

(Sorry I had to post the screenshots in separate reply because of uploading limitation for new users)

It seems that your builds are hanging on asset download(specifically splashscreen). Is there anything about the way you are hosting this bundle that would explain that?

For some reason when I’m fetching with wget it isn’t working for any of your assets or bundle, but if worker is fetching them only splashscreen hangs the build.

Hey @wkozyra, Thanks for your investigation.

After running expo export --public-url I’m uploading the /dist to . I don’t upload my assets separately which include the splash screen. I thought Expo will do it and then put it in dist itself. So if upload it to it should works?

btw it would be great if Expo shows these kinda errors while running the command

You don’t need to upload assets separately, everything is in dist directory. What I meant is that when builder is fetching you assets request for some reason hangs, when I’m doing that its works. I’m suspecting some network issues, that’s why I asked about the way you are hosting this bundle.

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