Android:build error: build ID undefined


My build (id bcc30989-687b-4d23-8eb5-a07860313954 per the build start) comes back after about 4-5 minutes with the following message:

[exp] ============
[exp] Build Status
[exp] ============

[exp] Android: There was an error with this build.

When requesting support, please provide this build ID:


The project runs fine on an android device in the Expo app, but build fails. Could you point us in the right direction?

Sorry for the build error! Thanks for providing the build ID.

In our Android builder logs we see: “AAPT: libpng error: Not a PNG file”. Could it be that one of your assets (particularly your app icon, your require’d assets aren’t processed by the Android builder) is not actually a PNG file but has a .png extension or is otherwise being treated as one? If you are using a PNG you could also try re-encoding (e.g. at and trying again.

Thanks for the answer! That worked like a charm. I had an svg as the image, not a PNG.