Android and iOS SDK Development

I’m developing an Android and iOS SDK using native code only. Is it possible to provide such an SDK using React Native and Expo?
If so, would it be possible to push updates to client devices using Expo?


Hi @ori_ya, so the OTA updates for Expo works by pulling in an updated JS bundle from a server. The JS bundle interacts with the existing native code through the React Native bridge. It is not possible to have native code updates using Expo, and bringing in OTA updates for native code would violate the app store policies.

Hey @quinlanj we indeed plan to migrate our code to React Native and by that it may be possible.
My question is different. Will we be able to develop an Android library (and iOS library) using React Native and Expo?

Hello! Expo supports adding your own native iOS/Android libraries if you detach to ExpoKit.

Got it! Thanks!

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