After upgrading from 22 to 25, all borders in Android are uneven with the top being thicker than the bottom!

Expo 22


  • Note the nice rounded corners and equal width around the whole border

Expo 25


  • Note the jagged edges and uneven border width

I guess this is a react native thing, maybe a drawing optimization gone wrong?

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hello! can you reproduce this on you can provide an example that uses sdk 22 and sdk25 by switching the version in the bottom right

Yeah for sure. Learned some things on the way:

  • Only affects 24 and 25.
  • I tried on a Note 8 a Galaxy S8, and reproduced the same as the image, using 24 and 25.
  • On a Moto G (3rd gen), and a Galaxy J9, the rendering is also off in 24 and 25, but its a lot less noticeable due to the low resolution of the screens.
  • On the Moto G the borders looked the best. Probably because the physical screen is a perfect multiple of whatever the density-independent screen is being used in react native. Still, though, the borderRadius has aliasing, but it’s like, sloppy aliasing? Rounding errors?

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Yeah I’m getting the same issue after upgrading to v25. Any solutions would be super helpful.

Tested on latest hardware (Galaxy s8).

In what might be a related issue (which can be explored using the same Snack), I’m finding that when my iPad Pro renders a 1px border, the right border is way too big, like 2px, unless a borderRadius of at least 2 is set. On my iPhone (7 Plus), the effect is more subtle, it’s more like it’s 50% too big under the same conditions. This problem isn’t visible on the Appetize preview, and it doesn’t seem to depend on whether SDK is 21 or 25.

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